This is your day, the one you’ve been waiting for. As you stand under the lights, in front of your closest friends and family, you will tie your life to another in a celebration of love and commitment. You’ve planned, you’ve waited and you’ve invested to make it the best day of your life. It is a moment that will live forever in your mind, standing as perhaps one of the biggest milestones on your path.

Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

A wedding can be an exciting event that flies by in a flurry of activity. Your wedding video is a life-long keepsake that will allow you to relive the day from a beautiful new perspective. The moment will truly last forever.

But a Cosmic Video Wedding Film will go beyond just recording the event as it happened. Your wedding has a personality, a theme and a pulse all it's own. We will dive into the beauty of every moment and highlight the magic of that day. We will find your story, and translate it into your video. Every wedding is as unique as the people involved and the wedding film should be just as dynamic.

Your wedding video may be one of the most important investments you make. At Cosmic Video we understand the importance of this decision and that will be apparent in the finished product. At Cosmic Video, we go to the stars and back, to give you the film of your dreams.

Our Approach

We don’t shoot for simple coverage. Though we will make sure to record the entire ceremony and all the key events at the reception, the end product will be a modern wedding feature or highlight film. You’ll be both surprised and delighted by the results.

Though the nature of the project requires that we can’t be completely invisible, our videographers are trained to be as unobtrusive as possible throughout your event. We will have at least three cameras rolling to allow us to capture the most intimate and heartfelt moments from afar.

We ask for complete creative control over the editing process, including song selection. We will spend between fifteen and fifty hours crafting your video, using all of our abilities and experience to make sure the result is both beautiful and timeless. It is our goal to not only give you the video that embodies the warmth and beauty of your wedding, but also to produce a work of art that we will be proud of as well.