Biographical Featurettes

Everyone has a story to tell and Cosmic Video is interested in helping you tell yours. We offer heartwarming, charming and humorous feature short films highlighting your life or the life of someone special to you. We respect all cultures, all different walks of life and we stand ready to apply all of our experience in the art of film production to make sure it underscores the personal story of the subject persona.

Why do a Biographical Featurette?

  • A unique gift for a fiftieth wedding anniversary.
  • A fun way to send off an old colleague on his way to retirement.
  • Celebrating the a friend and/or loved one who has overcome adversity.
  • A personal record of your life of achievements.

What is the process?

You provide us with the materials for your video: photographs, movies, home videos, awards, diplomas, newspaper stories, etc. You'll organize these however we determine during the first interview.

We will interview you and anyone else you choose to be a part of the storytelling process so we can become more familiar with the narrative you want to tell. These interviews are often used as part of the finished product.

Once you’ve selected a piece of music for your film (we can assist you in making the choice of you wish) we will begin to assemble the material into a Hollywood-style feature film that will last as long as the music you’ve selected.

When the video has been fully edited and polished, you may schedule a date for the "premier" of your film where you will see the finished product for the first time – this could be a surprise party, a family event or a ceremony if you so choose.

After the film has been viewed, we can make any necessary editing changes and produce as many copies as you wish.

This is your life on film, the artistic expression of everything that is you. It’s your chance to have your story preserved forever in film. It’s literally the gift of a lifetime.